Monday, 28 May 2012


My heart fell out as I journeyed here
So in this moment I’m sure it’s pretty clear
That I am heartless!

The emptiness I feel is pleasant I must say
I feel so much relieved that
That part of me is gone; my pains have faded away
Into nothing

Makes me feel like running
Across this meadow

So let the birds sing…

Their sweet melodies fill up this hollow
In my chest
And leave me happy
Calm and content

I won’t bother looking for and fitting back my heart
If by any chance, you come across it,
Do with it as you please
For half my life it has played a bitter part
Serving me dark and inviting delicacies

But if by accident I find it somehow,
I’ll lay it up on a silver tray
And slide it in the refrigerator
I’ll let it freeze…
The bloody thing!
I’ll let it turn to stone

And when I find that it’s solid enough
I’ll take it out and hold it up high
In line
With my shoulders,
Hurl it against this world’s wall
And watch it blast into smithereens

So wherever you are now, my heart
Stay far, far away from me
For if again you dare cross my path
I’ll crush you down, down to dust with glee!!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Evading Sleep

Can you SEE the demons in my head
Driving me crazy...
Leading me to the very places I dread?

Can you Hear their whispered threats
Draining me dry...
Dragging me to life's roughest edge?

Can you SMELL their gory, bloody bodies
Doused in darkness...
Hovering over my flower garden like  killer bees?

Can you almost reach out and TOUCH
Their lethal shadows...
As they patrol, doing the night watch?

All my senses stay up drinking coffee
Sleep cannot come now...
sleep, do not come
They are waiting for me there,
I can see
So do not lead me to them,
Oh brief respite to mankind
Do not take me.