Friday, 12 April 2013

It Hurts

What you are doing
To me
I don't know
But it hurts

At night you stay
On my heart
All your weight
On this heart
It hurts

Why do you stay silent?
You show me signs
I can't read
Loosen your tongue
This silence
Deafens me
Too loud
In my ears
It hurts

You mold
A lump
With your knowing hands
And lodge it
In my throat
And you breathe
Fire into
My conscience
And sit back to
Watch my brain
In torment
It hurts

Your footsteps
Echo in the chambers
Of my troubled
In the heart
Of my emptiness
An exhibition
Of my sorry soul
It hurts

A thistle-bed
You have given
For my head
I know no rest
It is you
You hold my
In a chest
Let me in on myself
This ignorance
The very agony of it
It hurts.

Once again I am on my knees
Sharp stones pierce my flesh
See me bleed
As I bathe in my tears
I am drying up
Once again, I am here
For the answers
This waiting
It's killing me
This longing

Sunday, 7 April 2013


She lay there on the earth
At midnight
Like the serpent
Her belly warmed up
The dark 
Rich soil

Prostrate before the heavens,
The moon's glow
Was her only clothing,
She lay there
And smiled
Into the heart
Of the earth.

Her laughter danced
Into the star-struck sky
And burst out in a parade
Of orange-
Shades of yellow
Her joy painted
A phantasmal sunrise

She tiptoed to the river
With a song she greeted
The early birds
And joined in the calm 
Hum of the water
That flowed into her bones
A song to welcome the day

Just then it slithered by
With dark clouds in tow
Pregnant with venomous lies
She slipped on a wet stone
And fell flat on her face
Soon  after, the greens 
Contoured her frame
She was nowhere to be found
The wind asked of her
And she whispered from 
Where she hid..

"I am naked..."