Tuesday, 20 March 2012


From the tip of the knife, blood drips
As it hangs loose from my fingertips
I will not let go...I will not hold on
I will not be here...I can't be there...
Grey is my favorite color.

Metal to flesh...look into my eyes
I will not...I cannot slash your throat
Or drive this...deep...deep
into...flesh...fresh, human...man...
I love to drive things into things...

Acid in bottle...tilted, glass... bottle
I will not...I cannot tip it further upon features
Calm facials...sweet in sleep...only
Or force this...down...down
inner tubes..changing states as it flows
Watching liquids flow...calms me greatly

A presence lingers...a shadow hovers
around my bed...hands grab me
Reality catapults me out from my nightmare
And again I'm here...drenched in sweat

So I will not be here...I can't be there...
Grey is my favorite color.

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Let's go waltz on your grave, my beast
All through our steps, recalling
Those nights you spent with me

You played next to me on that common stage
You danced with me…then laughed with me
Soon you cried with me…then...
We drank poison together

Bitter-sweet poison together

Dying was inevitable with you, my dear beast

Well, the curtain has been lowered now

Let's step forward and proudly take a bow

We're left alone after the final act
All other players are gone at last
So let's do that dance again..

Let's waltz on your shiny marble grave.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

SLIDESHOW (Disposable Brains)

If I could give something 
Of mine 
I would not hesitate
 To take
My brain 
Wrap it up 
In soft gauze
Pack it up 
In an old 
Brown box
And in red ink
In block letters
On all faces

If I could ask 
A favour 
From the most high
I’d say this prayer 
With a sigh 

‘Dear Lord
 I need mercy
I need you 
To take away 
My memory 

Take the anger
Take the bitterness

They leave me tired

It's just gray thoughts

That smell brought

A familiar pain 
That seems to seep 
Through me 

I am numb

Take this sense 
As well

This spiteful sense 
Of smell

What my eyes have seen
My hands touched

What my ears have heard
My body felt

Where my feet 
Have led me, 
My knees crouched

Have been elements
Of the jig-saw

Undo them
Undo them ALL
And throw them out

This slideshow
This slideshow keeps running

I can’t find 
The stop button

I’m chilled 
To the bones…
My blood 
Is freezing

Keeps me up 

Screaming out 
To whoever cares 
To listen

“What you keep doing 
To me 
Is so 

I can't keep 
This nightmare

You have to understand 

It’s time
It's time 
To be set free

So help me

Help me lose my memory