Friday, 24 August 2012


Let’s not go down this lane
For when we start this journey
And gaze upon each other’s nakedness

We are two innocent souls on the edge
Conflicting thoughts flooding our heads
Thoughts of eternity…fading away into night

As fabric gives way to flesh
Hands caress bodies…lips find lips
Our consciences scream out…our hearts skip

We know…the next step ends in doom
Yet heated passion leaves no room
For sane decisions

When we, first two
Become a corrupt one

The demons in hell beat hard on their drums
The darkness engulfs us as we move

Together…dancing to that evil rhythm
Our breaths unite in a death-chant
Suffocating the light in our hearts

Lucifer lifts his three-pronged fork
And hurls it into our merged bodies
As we shudder and scream out the cry of defeat


We reach the core

When we go down
This enticing lane…
We trade our innocence
We trade our light
Just so we can have a bite
Of that red…juicy…poisoned…ancient apple
Just a piece, my dear…
Just a piece, of that old, old lie.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Time all wasted, time all gone
Where the 'excuse my word' did I go wrong?
Milk turned rancid, bread gone stale
Wine now tasting like some bad ale

I've gone on a crazy safari ride
All alone, spurning a guide
I've walked long beside this glistening lake
Stumbling on rocks, falling flat on my face

All these years...

I've been tip-toeing around a wretched heart
Too scared to go down on my knees and touch
To thrust that lighted lamp into my life
And put an end to this full-armored strife

All these years...

I've desperately looked back to any moment of peace
Of pure innocence wrapped in childhood memories
I've groped in the dark, looking for that doorway
That will finally lead me out into a brand new day.

That day...

The sun will come up and scare away the rain
The wind will sing aloud my new-found name
The moon and the stars will appear more bright
No need to look elsewhere for their source of light

That day...

I will wake up and find that I'm whole
Warmed up with love, never again to be cold
I will step gingerly out of my rose-colored bed
And sing blissful tunes off the top of my head

I will dance to the sounds of awesome nature
To the song of a bird, to the cries of each creature
I will walk up to the top of a dew-covered mountain
And shout, "I've found peace...blessed peace like a fountain"

Then I can breathe in the abundant love
Then, only then will I look up above
I'll let the warm rays fall down on me
And I'll marvel at how amazing freedom can be

The very depths of my heart will whisper
That It is is well with my soul.