Monday, 1 September 2014


They said we do not write poems
About rain when it rains
Or on love when we are struck by it
'Step out and be happy' they said
'Your sad is only yours
Save it for when no one is looking'
But people stare
All day they gawk

And when the lyrics to my sad song
Is ready they tell me
'Sad songs are writ on sunny days'
Month long it rained
My song going stale in me

I will hang my heart out
By the busiest street
When the sun comes out
Turn your heads in shame
Of me
Or point and laugh
But my heart needs a tan
Warm it up
And turn it gay

I will dance down
Society's stiff back
Spill my bottled fears
Down the public drain

I will write a million love notes
Stick them on a runway
Write of rain in the storm
And watch the words dissolve

I will write putrid hatred when I want
Silly nothings when I want
Revolutions, cos I can
Feel this heart now pumping
Hard in me
It is new...

The new black.