Wednesday, 25 January 2012


As we lay there
With our plain white overalls in swine filth
As we lay there 
Wave-beaten hearts, turned cold with guilt

As we lay there 
There in our wretched past
There where we were to breathe our last

And die to death… 
We were dying  
Deep into death

Out from there we spotted a lone feather fall
The feather of a dove 
White and pure

In our hands blackened
…with dog-living

We cradled that seemingly inanimate hope

Now we say we will lay there no more
…no more will we lay there

We come to you
Faith-deficient, love-forgotten, peace in flames

We come to you
Heart-broken, mind battered, soul-shackled

And trace that evidence of purity back
…back to the height from which it fell

And we find you…
With the dove in your hands

We bring the filth-coated feather back
Our discoloured clothing back

For we know, when we stretch out from there
And step into the light
…You will look upon our now polka-dotted overalls

Take us into you arms 
...and smile