Wednesday, 18 September 2013


You’d hear
My laughter
From afar
Its sweetness
In the air
Long before
You reach me
And when
You finally get here
You’d see
I chose joy
Although I’ve lost
All the weight
I gained
From kelewele binges
And ice cream sprees
Although my skin’s losing
Its silk
And pain leaves my forehead
You’d find me seated
With joy

Come join me
As I watch
The twilight from
The rooftop
Streaks of orange,
Flaming red
Tinge of gold
Coloring my passion
In the evening sky
I sigh
Deep inside
The beauty
Of sunset
Mirroring my life
Join me celebrate
A magical end

When you turn
That corner
And head towards
Where the heavens
And I commune
You’d know
I chose strength
Although my breath
Is labored
Half the day through
And I’m too cold
To keep my voice
Although my joints
And my nights
Are void of
Good sleep
You’d find me
Huddled up
With strength

Come join me
Beat drums
Under the moonlight
And watch the giant owl
Fly mysteriously across
The star-filled sky
With its snowy feathers
The silver clouds
And tickling
The dewy wind
Join me
Make a wish
Upon the shooting stars

When you reach me
At the horizon
You’d see me merge
With the sea

And while dying
Live fully.